Walking Around Shibaura, the Popular Bay Area of Tokyo

Shibaura is located in the Minato ward of Tokyo, Japan, and also in the southeast district of ​​the busy Yamanote Line, accessible from Tamachi Station. As the starting point of Rainbow Bridge that connects to the entertainment hub of Odaiba, Shibaura was developed into a residential and commercial area in the early 2000s. Many corporate headquarters are located in this area. Along with the vigorous development in recent years, the area has complete facilities, including parks, schools, supermarkets, etc. The bay area is now a very popular middle-class residential area.


From Tamachi Station


The Shibaura area is extremely well-connected. The area is reachable from Tamachi Station on the Yamanote Line and Mita Subway Station. By using the subway Mita Line and Asakusa Line’s Mita Station, there are 5 stations directly to Tokyo Commercial Center (Otemachi). The famous Tokyo university "Keio University" is near Mita Station, so this area is also very popular with university students.


Keio University


From the Tamachi Station, walk along "NAGISA Avenue" to the direction of Rainbow Bridge. You will find supermarkets, restaurants and drug stores along the road. The Shibaura Canal Festival is held here in Shibaura Shopping Street every year at the end of September.



Near "NAGISA Avenue", you will see a five-story transparent glass building. This is "SHIBAURA HOUSE" designed by the famous architect, Kazuyo Sejima. The first and second floors of the "SHIBAURA HOUSE" are open to the public on weekdays. This is a place where people can work, read books, and eat in order to promote exchanges among the residents in Shibaura.



Continue walking towards Rainbow Bridge and we will arrive at Shibaura Island. The 4 high-rise residential buildings here are representative of Shibaura's high-end residential buildings. Here you will find canal cafes, restaurants and a 24-hour supermarket.


Shibaura Island


24-hours supermarket


Canal side



Shibaura South Port Park is a marine park under the Rainbow Bridge. You can enjoy the bridge, Tokyo Bay and the night view up close. It is also the place where Tokyo people will come to enjoy the first sunrise of the new year on January 1. The park has open spaces such as benches and a sports plaza where you can play baseball and football. A 3-minute walk from Shibaura South Port Park is the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge Walkway. The walkway is about 1.7 kilometers long. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the walk. The walkway is divided to the left and right sides (north and south). The north side faces Harumi Toyosu, where you can see the Tokyo Tower; the south side faces Odaiba. If you come to Tokyo for a trip, you might as well visit the Rainbow Bridge Walkway!



From the rooftop garden of Branz Tower Shibaura, you can enjoy a 360° panaromic view of the bay area. Towards the East, you can appreciate the Rainbow Bridge and mesmerizing sunrise. Towards the West, there is the iconic Tokyo night scene.



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