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Register NOW to find out more about the limited release of unique 3 bedroom family homes Town at Goodluck Hope.

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To know more about Reading and Bankside Gardens, please register for the exhibition now. The seminar will be held in Cantonese at 12pm and 3pm on 23 and 24 July. Please register in advance as the seats are limited.Learn More
With its prestigious education networks and rich business resources, Reading has become one of the hotspots in the UK which many people from Hong Kong have been paying attention to in recent years. Some of the world’s leading corporations have a major presence here, making Reading one of the leading economic hubs in Europe and one of the UK’s best places to live and work.Learn More
King’s Road Park is a stylish collection of studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and penthouse set within six acres of beautiful landscaping including a public park, square and resident’s garden.Learn More