People living preferences and attitudes have changed over the Pandemic. The new way and standard come up which hosing demand has altered. Despite the COVID-9 challenges, the property market recovery in UK comes over earlier than expected, strong house price movement reflecting high levels of demand.

The global economy is expected to continue its recovery in 2022, there will continue to be strong price growth across all major markets in UK. Cities will bounce back more strongly in terms of price growth and rental growth than rural areas as there continues to be a renewed desire to return to more ‘normal life’. This bounce will particularly be felt in 2022 and 2023.

Urban growth

Driven by mortgaged households who have seen high wage growth, housing equity growth over the past decade and can now also access historically low mortgage rates.  Around 10 million of the UK’s 28 million homes fit this profile. Even if a relatively small percentage of these households opt to move, it will fuel a high proportion of short-term demand for a market that is predicted to see around 1.2 million transactions per annum in the coming years.

Green premium
JLL expects there will be an increase in demand for more energy efficient, lower carbon sustainable homes over the next five years due to the climate crisis. In 2021 five new lenders entered the green mortgage market. There are now 14 green mortgage lenders in the UK with a total of 26 product offerings, this growing interest will create a green premium for energy efficient homes or a brown discount for poor performers. Our data also shows that urban new builds are by far the most sustainable on the market.

London & the South East

Prime Central London is forecast to see particularly strong activity over the next 24 months based on an anticipated return in travel from the world’s high net worth individuals and a severe undersupply of homes for sale and rent. JLL continues to rank London among the global elite cities with the UK Capital scoring particularly highly for its transparency, talent growth and concentration of innovative businesses.

East of England, Midlands, South West & Wales

JLL expects Birmingham remains the city which will has the highest house price growth over the next 5 years. Bristol is expected to see the second highest increase in GVA of the major UK cities (15.6%) and highest increase in average weekly earnings (14.7%) over the next five years according to Oxford Economics.

Northern England

According to Oxford Economics, Manchester is set to see the highest rate of economic growth of all the major UK cities over the next five years with GVA growth of 16.4%. The rapidly growing technology sector has increased in relevance within Leeds in recent years and this is expected to drive house price and rental growth in the next five years. The South Bank area is viewed as an emerging digital hub, with Leeds Dock in particular tailoring offices towards the tech industry.


Edinburgh is expected to see among the highest house price growth of the UK’s major cities with the new local plan likely to restrict new housing supply in the Scottish Capital. Demand will continue to outstrip supply driving cumulative house price growth of 26% over the next five years.

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10 Nov 2021

JLL UK Living Research has released new forecast predicting the UK residential property market’s first ever £100 billion summer.

The forecast, which takes the current trajectory of the housing market and applies it to the rest of summer months, estimates that there will be 420,000 sales in the UK across June, July and August at a total spend of a record £107bn.

This will make this summer the highest grossing quarter in UK residential market history and is in stark contrast to previous years. Throughout the past half decade, total spend from buyers during the summer months has averaged £69bn-per-year, a figure that comprised of a little over 300,000 sales.


Speaking on the forecast, Nick Whitten, our Head of UK Living Research, said:

“It is well-documented that the Summer is the best time to sell a home, with sentiment receiving a natural positive boost from the warmer weather. However, our data suggests that this post-lockdown summer will set a new record. The reasons behind the buying bonanza - with the most exchanges and highest total sales value on record – are threefold. The stamp duty extension to the end of June means that during the quarter eager buyers and sellers will look to force a deal through. This, combined with the increased financial stability many buyers are feeling as we unlock from Coronavirus, and the well-documented supply constraints in the UK market, means we can expect to see demand swallowing up available stock, pushing up prices but not to the extent that it will affect transactions.”


The Government has set a clear priority to help more people onto the housing ladder through its Own Your Home campaign. The campaign puts the spotlight on six Government-backed support schemes to allow people to access some form of home ownership.

The forecasted spike in activity this Summer will be particularly evident in the north of England, which is predicted to see circa 100,000 sales – around 25% of the total UK.


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29 Jul 2021

Just 23 minutes by train from London Paddington, Reading has long been a favourite of commuters looking for cheaper rents than the capital. Now, heavy investment in business facilities, education and transport infrastructure are making the town even more appealing to professionals, families, and property investors.

Reasons to invest in Reading

Named the fastest growing region in the UK by Ernst & Young from 2020 to 2023, Reading is set for consistent growth as investments in business parks and the new £900 million Crossrail station continue to drive demand and property values in the coming years. Reading's digital sector is one of the most concentrated in the UK, attracting major global companies such as Microsoft and Huawei that can benefit from world-class amenities and a steady supply of talent from overseas and the local University of Reading, which ranked in the top 30 universities in the UK.

Big city perks without the downside

Many London commuters prefer living in Reading for its lower prices and the smaller town experience. Reading offers the experiences of modern city living on a manageable scale, the River Thames and Berkshire countryside being within easy reach. The Oracle and Broad Street shopping malls are at opposite ends of the high street, featuring a mix of big brands, independent boutiques and eclectic eateries catering to Reading's multi-ethnic population. There's also fine dining at the London Street Brasserie and Michelin-starred L'Ortolan.

Strong education provision

Families moving to Reading will appreciate having nature and heritage sites on the doorstep, as well as high-performing local schools that boast some of the best GCSE and A-level grades in the UK.

Riverside living

New residential developments are meeting the demand for well-connected property in Reading, from CBD apartments to the Berkeley Group's new riverside quarter Huntley Wharf, a residential-led development with commercial and communal facilities a short walk from Reading station.

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Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. Our sales representatives for overseas property work exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong and are not to deal with Hong Kong properties, unless expressly stated otherwise, are not licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance to deal with Hong Kong properties. In the event of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail. *Prices and details correct at time of going to press. Travel times are approximate. Source: ^On selected apartments. Computer generated images are indicative only. Planning Permission Number: 170509 and 171009 granted by Reading Borough Council. Acquiring interest in an apartment in the building with 999-year lease. Property ID: IRP_N_101_00371. Last update date: 17 May 2021.

17 May 2021










在「NAGISA大道」附近,你會看到一座5層高的透明玻璃帷幕建築物,這是著名建築師妹島和世設計的「SHIBAURA HOUSE」,「SHIBAURA HOUSE」的一樓及二樓平日會開放給公眾使用,公眾可以在此辦工,看書,進食,以促進芝浦地區的住民交流。














在Branz Tower芝浦的屋頂天台花園,您可以360度欣賞東京港區醉人景色:朝向東邊可以欣賞彩虹橋以及日出;西邊晚上更是東京獨有的著名夜景。



如欲了解更多詳情,請按此或聯絡我們電話:+852 3759 0909,電郵




購買境外未建成物業是複雜及有風險的。在作出購買決定前,閣下應仔細閲讀所有相關的資料及檔案。如有疑問,請在作出購買決定前尋求獨立專業意見。營業員純粹就香港以外地方的物業擔任持牌地產代理,營業員並無處理位於香港任何物業的牌照。國土交通省發出之規劃編號: UHEC建確300359號 (10th Sep 2018)。物業編號: IRP_N_101_2285。買家可擁有所購單位之永久業權。最後更新日期:2021年3月15日。





15 Mar 2021








額外2% 海外印花稅







辛偉誠表示2021年經濟增長前景將較預期理想。 儘管過去一年有超過70萬人因疫情失業,經濟亦萎縮了10%,是300年來最大的跌幅。不過,隨著疫情緩和及開始疫苗接種,政府預測失業率將由去年七月預計的11.9%高峰跌至6.5%。此外,政府預算責任局(Office for Budget Responsibility)預計今年經濟增長將達到4%。

05 Mar 2021

Rishi Sunak, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his new Budget on Wednesday 3 March 2021. The Budget sets out the distributional impact on households of tax, welfare and public service spending decisions. On a wider economic context, there is also focus on trends in employment, earnings and household incomes – including the impacts of COVID-19.

“There are many welcome announcements within this Budget,” said Nick Whitten, Head of UK Living Research at JLL.

Major policies related to real estate market:

Extended Stamp Duty Holiday

Responding to calls from the industry and to prevent over a third of the deals from falling through, Sunak has extended the Stamp Duty Holiday. No tax will be levied on the first £500,000 of property purchases in England and Northern Ireland until 30 June 2021. To assist a smooth transition, the threshold will be reduced to £250,000 from July to September 2021. For completions after 1 October 2021, stamp duty will return to the usual level of £125,000.

Overall, JLL believes that the stamp duty holiday provided a much-needed confidence boost to the housing market. The extension will provide welcome relief to purchasers on the edge of the original deadline and open the door to additional buyers, where the clock is now effectively ticking.

According to statistics, it has taken an average of 54 days to sell a home since the stamp duty holiday was introduced in July 2020, down from an average of 70 days 12 months prior. Assuming the average time to sell a home remains at the current level, aspiring buyers have until 7th May to begin a purchase to take advantage of the full holiday extension.


2% Overseas Stamp Duty Surplus

With reference to last year’s budget, it has been confirmed that a 2% overseas stamp duty surplus for purchasers of residential property in England and Northern Ireland who are not resident in the United Kingdom. The measure will apply to land transactions with an effective date of 1 April 2021 or later.

From our perspective, this tax represents a big shift in UK Government policy away from an open trade policy – until now there has never been a consideration of an investor’s origin if they are looking to buy an investment home.

Undoubtedly, JLL recognises that this tax will create initial market resistance until it becomes accepted. However, it should be noted that many other competing cities already provide higher levels of overseas taxation; so, UK’s major cities should remain competitive on the international stage.

Increase in Corporation Tax

Corporation tax on company profits above £250,000 is set to rise from 19% to 25% in April 2023. The 19% corporation tax rate is retained for those companies with small profits under £50,000. The tax rate for profits between £50,000 and £250,000 will be taxed at a rate between 19% to 25%, depending on the government’s relief.

Therefore, JLL envisions that this will affect all companies that own a portfolio of UK commercial and residential property.


Overall Budget Conclusion

The underlying message from the budget was that the outlook for economic growth is better than anticipated. There are various supports for the vaccination rollout, businesses, arts and sports to resume. GDP will reach its pre-pandemic level six months earlier than expected, while unemployment is expected to peak at 6.5%, rather than the initially anticipated 11.9% in June 2020.

The Budget’s stamp duty and mortgage measures may create a ‘generation buy’; however, to suit a greater variety of end user needs, renting as an aspirational lifestyle choice will still be apparent.


For further information, please contact +852 3759 0909 or email

05 Mar 2021

英國著名發展商Berkeley Group旗下品牌St James於倫敦W12區綠意盎然的White City Living項目推出全新一期住宅項目--Parkside。



Parkside住戶可享世界一流的零售、娛樂、教育、文化及商業設施,毗鄰歐洲規模最大的休閒購物中心Westfield London,全球知名高級百貨公司Harrods的第二家分店亦座落其中。

此外,倫敦前五名大學中有四所(包括倫敦大學學院、倫敦經濟學院及倫敦帝國學院等)距離White City Living 僅30分鐘路程;其中,帝國學院正在項目旁興建一個佔地23英畝的新校區及創新中心。著名的諾丁山預備學校(Notting Hill Prep School)及聖保羅女子學校(St Paul’s Girls School)近在咫尺,而伊頓公學(Eton College)及哈羅學校(Harrow School)也在40分鐘路程內,優質教育設施一應俱全。

White City Living距離荷蘭公園(Holland Park)、諾丁山(Notting Hill)及肯辛頓(Kensington)僅數步之遙。項目提供2,300個全新單位,以及60,000平方呎綜合商用樓面和8英畝的綠化空間,其中包括佔地5 英畝的公園。

住戶前往倫敦及其他地區可享完善交通配套。由White City和Wood Lane地鐵站出發,15分鐘內即達倫敦西區、Bond Street及Mayfair等主要熱門地點。



項目命名為Parkside, 一如其名,住宅單位俯瞰中央公園(Central Gardens)並擁有冠絕全區的怡人景觀,讓住戶置身於8英畝開闊的綠化景色中,盡覽白玉蘭花景及恬靜的水景。

Parkside由國際知名建築師Patel Taylor設計,整體佈局居高臨下,戶戶朝西,而下方翠綠的花園則象徵著季節的縮影。

White City Living的園林設計由Murdoch Wickham負責,廣闊的綠色空間意味著全新的Parkside住宅單位被大自然環抱。住戶可透過附設的露台或天台等室外空間,飽覽各種特色水景及園林景致。

發展商St James的活化願景首重加強生物多樣化及為壯觀的園林注入生命;至今,項目已廣種經精挑細選的6,400多棵本土樹木及多種本土植物,為各種野生動物提供寶貴的棲息地。




Parkside提供開放式單位、一至三房單位,並充份滿足自住客對各種不同設施的需求,包括提供往來倫敦帝國學院最大的校園、Westfield London購物中心及便利的交通接駁服務。

為切合現代生活所需,White City Living將於2021年初開設無與倫比的全新私人配套設施,當中包括橫跨兩座大樓、樓面面積逾20,000平方呎的先進會所Home Club。Home Club是一個集工作、會議、社交、休閒及健身等用途於一身的多功能場所。住戶亦尊享24小時禮賓服務,以及兩個特別設計的休息室,無論日間工作或夜間休憩均各適其適。

所有住戶設施均採用非觸式出入技術。這項創新科技讓住戶返抵White City Living後,無需接觸任何門柄或按動電梯按鈕及開關。




White City Living單位入場價由727,500英鎊(772萬港元)起。如欲了解更多詳情,請聯絡黃嘉欣,電話:+852 3759 0909,電郵




購買境外未建成物業是複雜及有風險的。在作出購買決定前,閣下應仔細閲讀所有相關的資料及文件。營業員純粹就香港以外地方的物業擔任持牌地產代理,營業員並無處理位於香港任何物業的牌照。如有疑問,請在作出購買決定前尋求獨立專業意見。買家可擁有所購單位之999年期業權。London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham規劃編號:2019/01300/RES。物業編號: IRP_N_101_00309。最後更新日期:04.01.2021

25 Feb 2021

St James, part of the Berkeley Group, has launched a new collection of parkside homes set within the green landscape of White City Living in London’s W12.


A world class social, cultural and educational destination 

Parkside residents will find themselves surrounded by world-class retail, entertainment, education, culture and commerce, with Westfield London – Europe’s largest retail destination – on the doorstep, which is now home to the second branch of Harrods, the world’s leading luxury department store. 

In addition, White City Living is located within 30-minutes of four of London’s top five universities including University College London, London School of Economics and Imperial College London, which is currently developing a new 23-acre campus and innovation hub adjacent to the scheme. Families are also well catered for, with the prestigious Notting Hill Prep School and St Paul’s Girls School located close-by, while Eton College and Harrow School can be reached within 40 minutes.

Positioned moments from Holland Park, Notting Hill and Kensington, White City Living is home to more than 2,300 new homes alongside 60,000 sq ft of mixed-use commercial space and eight acres of open green landscaping, including the Exhibition Park which is a new five-acre public park.

Residents enjoy outstanding transport connections to London and beyond. White City and Wood Lane Underground stations provide quick and easy access to key London hotspots including West End, Bond Street and Mayfair in less than 15 minutes.


At home in nature

Aptly named Parkside, the new apartments overlook the Central Gardens and offer some of the best views of this new neighbourhood, located within eight acres of open green landscaping, including magnolia gardens and serene waterscapes.

Designed by internationally renowned architects Patel Taylor, Parkside’s elevated views face to the west, whilst the verdant gardens below epitomise the passing seasons.

With a landscape designed by Murdoch Wickham, White City Living’s extensive green spaces mean the new Parkside apartments are enveloped by nature. Residents can enjoy a network of water gardens and landscaping features, with all apartments featuring outside space in the form of balconies or terraces.

Enhancing biodiversity and giving life to a spectacular landscape is key to St James’ regeneration vision; so far more than 6,400 native trees have been hand-selected along with a wide variety of native planting, which will provide valuable habitats for a range of wildlife.

The landscape is almost entirely car-free to encourage a pedestrian approach and aims to deliver a greener environment. Electric car charging points are provided to all parking spaces, alongside an on-site car sharing club and secure cycle parking. 


A seamless experience

Parkside includes suites, one, two- and three-bedroom apartments that are ideally suited to owner-occupiers looking to take advantage of all the area has to offer; including access to Imperial College London’s largest campus, Westfield London and outstanding transport connections.

Catering perfectly for modern life, residents enjoy access to White City Living’s unrivalled private facilities which will be newly opened at the beginning of 2021. A state-of-the-art Home Club occupies more than 20,000 sq ft across two buildings. The Home Club is a multifunctional space to work, meet, socialise, relax, and keep fit. Residents also have access to two individually designed private lounges that provide a perfect place to work during the day or relax in the evening and a 24-hour concierge.

Touch-free access technology is incorporated throughout all residents’ facilities. This innovative technology removes the need for residents to touch door handles or press lift buttons and switches, from the moment they arrive at White City Living.

Mandy Wong, Head of International Residential at JLL in Hong Kong said, “The UK housing market has been generating high interest from buyers in Hong Kong, with investors recognising its resilience even amid pressure from uncertainties following Brexit and Covid-19. A rising trend in remote working has led to growing demand from affluent young families for a flexible work-leisure space that has both access to nature and convenient technologies. Parkside embodies all of these features on top of having excellent transport connections and fantastic growth potential in its surroundings, making it a prime location for those who are looking to ride the tide of the transforming real estate landscape in the UK and make an ideal long-term investment.”


Homes at White City Living start from £727,500 (HKD7.72 million). For further information, please contact Mandy Wong, JLL, tel: +852 3759 0909, email:




Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. Our sales representatives for overseas property work exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong and are not to deal with Hong Kong properties, unless expressly stated otherwise, are not licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance to deal with Hong Kong properties. Acquiring interest in an apartment in the building with 999 Years leasehold. Planning Permission no: 2019/01300/RES granted by London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Property ID: IRP_N_101_00309. Last updated date: 04.01.2021.

25 Feb 2021

Matching Green has launched Dockley Apartments, an exciting new residential development located a stone’s throw from the heart of Bermondsey and is set to complete in Q2 2022. The development offers 111 apartments across 8 levels, comprising of one, two and three-bedrooms, each with a generous private terrace and many with far-reaching views across London.


Spacious outside living and sleek design for modern comfort

The apartments are finished to an excellent specification with contemporary interiors and stylish layouts. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and light, from open-plan kitchens, underfloor heating to frameless shower screens. The apartments are wired for fibre optic broadband, essential for the emerging trend of working from home. The face of the development showcases an innovative tiered design, which allows for spacious private terraces for each apartment. Residents will exclusively benefit from a sheltered all-weather children’s play area, landscaped central courtyard and two communal roof terraces with comfortable seating and year-round sunlight. The project is also equipped with secure parcel lockers to accept personal deliveries. Built to the highest environmental standards, with sustainable modern design and high-quality materials, this impressive development breathes new life into a historic industrial site.


Perfectly located in a trendsetting yet historical district

Dockley Apartments is conveniently located within a five-minute walk from Bermondsey tube station in Zone 2, ten minutes from the River Thames and vibrant Bermondsey Street. Canary Wharf, the business district, is only four minutes away on the Jubilee Line.

Bermondsey, host to London’s first railway, was named ‘Best Place to Live in London’ in 2018 by the coveted Sunday Times. Known as a thriving hub for food and drink, Bermondsey hosts a wealth of bars, breweries, restaurants and cafes. The neighbourhood also offers parks, modern art galleries and an independent cinema, providing a rich cultural atmosphere. Sitting alongside Dockley Apartments are a collection of railway arches which, in conjunction with Matching Green, Monmouth Coffee and Neal's Yard Dairy, have been restored to create Spa Terminus where like-minded food production and distribution companies now occupy these spaces. From cheesemongers and greengrocers to butchers and brewers, Spa Terminus consists of companies who supply some of the absolute best food products on the market, all on Dockley Apartments’ doorstep.

Along with Dockley Apartments, Matching Green is currently developing Dockley Road, a development of approximately 12,000 sqft of commercial and retail space. The project will create a new pedestrian street and a new series of commercial units opposite the railway arches, contributing to the range of artisan producers on-site. This will create a dynamic street open for Saturday market trading forming a key part of Southwark’s Low Line walking routes and establishing an exciting centre of activity and enterprise.


Units at Dockley Apartments start from £544,500. For further information, please contact +852 3759 0909 or email

10 Feb 2021

New residential projects are creating rare opportunities for property investment in the UK's fastest growing economy within commuting distance of London

World famous for its prestigious university, cutting-edge research and magnificent heritage, Cambridge is also one of the UK's leading technology hubs and fastest-growing economies.

A huge student population, excellent career opportunities and convenient access to London ensure consistently high demand for residential property in Cambridge, and several new developments are providing opportunities for overseas property buyers and landlords.


Best and brightest

There's more to Cambridge than its elite university, but the institution's influence on local life and the economy is undeniable. University colleges are spread across the city and one in five local residents are students, many of whom remain in the city after graduation for postgraduate research or recruitment into the highly-skilled local workforce.

Cambridge's science parks are partnerships between the universities and businesses that continue to attract substantial overseas investment from the world's largest brands. These partnerships have been instrumental in growing Cambridge's reputation as a world leader in fields such as biotechnology, medical research, software and pharmaceuticals, particularly around the high-tech cluster nicknamed 'Silicon Fen.'

The growing importance of Cambridge's technology and research sectors have placed the city among the UK's fastest growing economies in recent years. Less than an hour from London and international airports, Cambridge is a convenient location for businesses in all fields, and access will improve further with the new East-West Rail link and Oxford-Cambridge Expressway expected to open in the next decade.


Country charm and city convenience

Cambridge's reputation for work and study overshadows its other perks as a comfortable and stimulating place to live. Numerous performance venues, museums and art galleries provide one of the richest cultural offerings outside London, and a packed events calendar has something for everyone – from the live bands of the Big Weekend to the Cambridge Folk Festival and traditional Midsummer Fair.

Cambridge's shopping and dining options are just as diverse. With three shopping centers, traditional markets, independent boutiques and the wide selection of restaurants, cafes and bars that modern city dwellers expect, Cambridge has all the attractions of city living with the English countryside on its doorstep.

Families with children are also exceptionally well provided for in Cambridge, with many highly rated primary, secondary and independent schools in the area. These include the University of Cambridge Primary School, St Bede's Inter-Church School and Chesterton Community College, all rated 'Outstanding' by education authority Ofsted.


Buoyant residential market

With consistently high demand from domestic and overseas students, professionals and families, Cambridge property can offer investors and landlords some of the highest yields in the UK. The problem, until recently, was the lack of new supply. Cambridge's heritage architecture may be one of its greatest draws for visitors and residents, but stringent building restrictions have long stifled development in the small city, even as they maintained high levels of demand and prices.

This situation is gradually improving as more new residential developments are opening up Cambridge and surrounding areas to investment. The Government's proposed CaMKOx Arc initiative for Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford is also aiming to bring one million homes and 1.9 million residents to England's 'brain belt' by 2050 by creating new neighborhoods and amenities.

One such district in Eddington, a new community less than two miles from Cambridge's historic city center designed by the University of Cambridge as a successful model of sustainable urban planning. Premium homes and apartments are now available in Eddington at Knights Park, combining modern living with convenient access to Cambridge, London and the surrounding countryside.


For more information about Knights Park and other residential properties in Cambridge and the UK, please contact JLL Investment Limited at +852 3759 0909 or

18 Jan 2021