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Knights Park is located in the new community of Eddington, two miles from the historic centre of Cambridge. Conceived by the University of Cambridge and winner of numerous ... Learn More
30 Jan 2021
Cambridge is an historical destination globally renowned for being home to the University of Cambridge. We are pleased to have Samuel Chan, the founder of Britannia Study... Learn More
27 Jan 2021
=By Appointment Only= Welcome to Harcourt Gardens, the next exciting phase to launch at South Quay Plaza. Standing tall at 56 storeys (198m) and comprising 351 private apar... Learn More


22nd – 23rd January 2021

22 Jan 2021
Covid-19 took over the world in 2020. Globally we adapted rapidly to changes in our work and lifestyles in the “new normal”. To kick off 2021, we are pleased to invit... Learn More
Getting bored of well-known restaurants and tourist spots in London? Let’s follow Felix, Michael and Linda to discover the hidden gems in London. Please stay tuned! Fol... Learn More

Quarry Bay

16th December 2020

16 Dec 2020
We are pleased to have Kylie Kwan, Manager of Overseas Branch Operations & Development Department for The Bank of East Asia, Limited and Felix Cheung, our Head of Sal... Learn More