UK Residential Forecasts: Living with 2020 vision

02 Dec 2019

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    Its now more than three and half years since the EU Referendum and we are still living in a period of uncertainty. In fact, uncertainty has now become the new certainty.

    Against the backdrop of political uncertainty, JLL has identified six fundamental certainties which shape the UK housing market. These certainties sit alongside our positive housing market forecasts for the next five years.

    Our Living with 2020 Vision research will help you through this period, navigating residential real estate with operational and insight-led insight. Brexit may be dominating headlines in UK but overseas property investors have no reason to be worried. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, their impact on residential markets will be negligible at worst, with a strong likelihood of being very favorable to international buyers.


    JLL’s Residential Forecasts will help you through this period of constant change offering valuable insight on:

    - Brexit, domestic politics and the UK’s future economic performance

    - House price growth, housebuilding and housing transactions

    - Where developers and investors should focus their capital

    - Policy shifts affecting First Time Buyers through to Seniors

    - Changing housing preferences and the role of BTR/Multifamily

    - How technology will change UK Living

    - Climate crisis and its impact on UK Living


    To learn more, please download the report now!

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