Facebook Live: JLL Property Investment Tips | Know more about residential valuation | Rare penthouses in Zone1

10th August 2022

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Property valuation has always been important to the fast-changing market. Apart from locational factors, the other key elements from valuation are often only half-understood. We are pleased to have invited JLL property valuer to share the criteria and standards of residential property valuation. We will also introduce rare penthouses in London Zone 1. Stay tuned! 

= The live session will be held in Cantonese= 


Property number: IRP_N_101_355. Planning Permission no: P2016/2994/S73 granted by the Greater London Authority to the London Borough of Islington on 23rd March 2017. Acquiring interest in an apartment in the building with 999-year leasehold (starting from 2019). The last updated date: 02.08.2022.

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Quarry Bay
10th August 2022 (1pm)
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