Facebook Live: For Landlords - A Guide to Letting UK Property

9th February 2022

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A good tenant and ideal rental yield are two crucial considerations for buy-to-let landlords. In our upcoming Facebook Live session, we will introduce the processes of letting property in the UK and what factors landlords need to be aware of. Join us for some tips on setting your real estate investment up for success. 

= The live session will be held in Cantonese=


Jones Lang LaSalle Investments Limited is a licensed real estate agent. License number: C-082467. Purchasing uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated and contains risk. You should review all relevant information and documents carefully before making a purchase decision. If in doubt, please seek independent professional advice before making a purchase decision. Last updated date: 28.01.2022.

Event details: 
Quarry Bay
9th February 2022 (12:30pm)
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